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Summary of I Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth B. de Trevino

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I, Juan de Pareja Lesson Plans for Teachers

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In I, Juan de Pareja, Trevino recreates the Spain of the first half of the s. During these years, Spain's empire included most of Latin America, parts of Africa, and parts of the Far East. It was a dynamic time of high adventure, great wealth, and significant achievements in the arts.

Juan de Pareja is a young black slave in 17th century Spain who survives the plague and the capricious treatment of his original owners. He is then inherited by a nephew of. Juan de Pareja (c.

in Antequera – in Madrid) was a Spanish painter, born into slavery in Antequera, near Málaga, Spain. He is known primarily as a member of the household and workshop of painter Diego Velázquez, who freed him in I, Juan de Pareja is a novel by Elizabeth Borton de Treviño that won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature in The book is based on the Portrait of Juan de Pareja, the real-life portrait that Diego Velázquez made of his slave Juan de Pareja.

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I juan de pareja essay
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